Prof. SUM Kim-Wai, Raymond


Professor Raymond Sum is a committee member of Advocacy and Collaboration, and the ambassador of the International Physical Literacy Association (IPLA). He leads the Sports and Society Research Group at the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education, CUHK, which focuses on examining physical literacy, its application to different populations, operationalizing physical literacy and assessment of the interventions of physical literacy on PE teachers’ professional development and students’ learning outcomes.


Prof. Sum is the founding president of the Chinese Physical Literacy Association (CPLA) and the Chairman of the executive committee of the Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong China (PFAHK). He received the University Education Award (Teams) (2019), Exemplary Teaching Award from the Faculty of Education, CUHK (2002-2013 and 2019).


Professor Sum has published more than 100 publications including scientific papers, book chapters/books, and conference proceedings in the areas of physical literacy and PE teachers’ professional development.