About Us

Who are We?

Established in April 2022, Physical Literacy Academy for Children and Youth (PLACY) is a sports-related social enterprise funded by The Chinese University of Hong Kong. PLACY aims to nurture children and youth in Hong Kong into healthy, confident, happy, and active individuals through physical literacy, physical fitness, and sports talent assessments, certifications, awards, ranking, and consultation and referral services.

Our Vision

PLACY aims to provide a platform for the younger generation to have an earlier realization of their physical conditions and sports talents through the assessments and to enhance the awareness of the importance of sports and physical literacy throughout individuals’ life experiences.

Our Mission

To assist children and youth in realizing their full potential in sports, regardless of their physical abilities, cultural and socio-economic background.

To promote physical literacy, fundamental movement skills, health and sports-related physical fitness, and overall physical activity for children and youth.

To enhance the awareness of the key stages in the growth and development of children and youth.

To inspire children and youth, their family members, teachers, coaches, or other stakeholders to become more physically literate in their life journey.

To advance the development of student-athletes friendly culture in primary and secondary schools.