Ms. MA Man-Sum, Margo


Ms. Margo Ma is currently an assistant lecturer at the Sports Science and Physical Education Department of CUHK with the degrees of MSc, MEd, and BEd at CUHK.


Ms. Ma is an executive member of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee (SFOC) Olympic Fans Club; committee member of the SFOC Athlete Committee; organizing committee member of the SFOC Festival of Sport; athletic trainer commission member of the Hong Kong Association of Sports Medicine and Sports Science Sports (HKASMSS).


As an ex- Hong Kong elite Karatedo athlete, Ms. Ma had achieved 3 times Asian Bronze medalist and East Asian Games silver medalist, 2 times Asian Games Representative, and top rank No.4 in Premier League Annual Ranking. She also served as manager and coach of the 2018 World University Karatedo Championship. Her research interests include physical literacy, athletes’ career and lives, physical education teacher professionalism & continued professional development.